• RFID Standard Cards : $15 per card.
  • MIFARE Cards: $25 for first card, $20 for subsequent card.
  • Indala / Keri / IoProx Cards: $25 for first card, $20 for subsequent card.
  • Iclass: $40 per card  Our iclass duplication equipment is currently out of service.
    • If yours is an iclass card, the word ‘iclass’ will be indicated on the card. Please note if  yours is iclass, we will not be able to do the duplication for now. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

At client on site location:

  • The above rates  + additional nett transport fee of $15.  We do not charge for unsuccessful duplication. Min 2 cards.
  • As we dont charge for unsuccessful duplication , we are able to confirm appointments for onsite location services only for cards that we are confident of duplicating. Please call/msg or whatsapp us image of card to check what chip type it uses.

(The following are normally classified under RFID Standard Cards)
Engima , HID Corporation , HID Prox II Card  , HID Proximity ,ISO Prox II , ISP Prox 11 , Mango , Smart Touch , Soxxi Master , fermax security systems

(The following are mostly classified under Mifare Cards)
Asis Technologies , HID 14301 , Irevo , Mdmia , Vitez , fermax, 10 digit card – normally mifare but can also be rfid.

Special Cards: Indala, Keri, IoProx, Iclass

The following rates applies only for standard RFID Cards (125khz frequency range) – standard condo / office card normally uses this type:

  • For more than 25 cards >> Free Transport Thrown In
  • For 50 – 99 cards,  $9 per card (Free Transport Thrown In)
  • For 100 – 150 cards,  $8 per card (Free Transport Thrown In)
  • For more than 150 cards,  $7 per card (Free Transport Thrown In)
  • If you require more than 150 cards, please contact us directly on 9106 7234.

We will also provide bulk discounts for our other chip types that are not the standard range. Please call us to discuss.

Customers can choose between thick cards, thin cards or keyfobs.

Most importantly, We’re so confident you’ll find the best price for your duplication on that we guarantee it. We provide best price guarantee and will beat our competitor’s price by 10% even if it results in a loss to us. Please refer here for information on our best price guarantee and the terms and conditionFree transport will be thrown in if more than 25 cards are ordered.