We would also like to highlight the following: We DO NOT SELL Any Specific Condo’s Security Card and only provide duplication services for those who have the proximity card in hand (Condo or Office) that they would like to have duplicated. The card has to be working so that our machines are able to read the code and write it onto another card. We do not retain any information about the duplicated card nor make any additional copies without our customer knowledge under any circumstances! Our services are 100% legal and registered with Acra Singapore. Please also note that we provide our service with full anonymity.

The condos on the left mostly use either RFID or mifare. Mostly RFID. If your condo is not in the list, not to worry, send us an image of the card by whatsapp, email or mms to 9106 7234 or info@duplicateaccesscard.com and we will be able to advise what chip type it uses.

We do alot of office security cards in bulk. If you would like to know what type of chip your card uses, the following are certain inscriptions normally printed on the card, that will indicate what type of card it is.

We also sell rfid cards with codes that you may want to add onto your security system at a very cheap cost. Order in bulk to enjoy cheap prices. Call us to get quote.

Engima (Normally rfid card)
HID Corporation (Normally rfid card)
HID Prox II (Normally rfid card)
HID Proximity (Normally rfid card)
ISO Prox II (Normally rfid card)
ISP Prox 11 (Normally rfid card)
Mango (Normally rfid card)
Smart Touch (Normally rfid card)
Soxxi Master (Normally rfid card)
If got comma, (Normally rfid card)
If fermax security system. (Normally rfid card)
Asis Technologies (Normally mifare card)
HID 14301 (This is mifare card)
Irevo (This is mifare card)
Mdmia (This is mifare card)
Vitez (this is mifare card)
10 digit card – normally mifare but can also be rfid


  • Iclass: $40 per card  Our iclass duplication equipment is currently out of service.
    • If yours is an iclass card, the word ‘iclass’ will be indicated on the card. Please note if  yours is iclass, we will not be able to do the duplication for now. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.