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Condo Access Key Cards

We do the following Card Types:
(The following are normally classified under RFID Standard Cards)
Engima , HID Corporation , HID Prox II Card  , HID Proximity ,ISO Prox II , ISP Prox 11 , Mango , Smart Touch , Soxxi Master , fermax security systems

(The following are mostly classified under Mifare Cards)
Asis Technologies , HID 14301 , Irevo , Mdmia , Vitez , fermax, 10 digit card – normally mifare but can also be rfid.

rfid condo card duplication


Thick Cards, Thin Cards & Key Fobs (same price for all) We carry a range of products. You are able to copy your condo card to either of the following version: Thick cards, thin cards or keyfobs. The price is the same for all products. rfid access cards copy

New Just In

Limited Edition Picture Keyfobs
Limited stock. Grab it before its gone.
Same price as cards & keyfobs.
$15 if yours is a standard rfid card.
$25 for first and $20 for subsequent if mifare

img_20161128_153042_resized_20161130_044427130 img_20161128_153114_resized_20161130_044426461 img_20161128_153131_resized_20161130_044424428 img_20161128_153155_resized_20161130_044425792 img_20161128_153205_resized_20161130_044425122

Get them for your little ones. 

Just in – Waterproof RFID wristbands

Waterproof RFID wristband.
Blue color only.
comfortable, non-toxic silicon material.
Only for standard rfid cards/keyfobs.
$20 each. Please note only limited stock is available so grab before its gone. 

Perfect for those who want to go swimming or for children so that they dont misplace their cards easily. 



We also carry a range of special design RFID Cards. These cards are of limited edition so do get them while stocks last. They cost an additional premium of $5 to standard price cost.

Currently these are the special designs that are still available. Both sides of the card have the same design.

1hellokitty 1minnie
1pooh 1disneygroup
1batman 1avengers
1leopard 1ferrari


  • This best price guarantee officially starts for all duplication done from 1st Feb 2015 onwards.
  • Receipt must be retained for Best Price Guarantee to be valid.
  • At any of our location: we will honor all best price guarantee duplications. No minimum required.
  • For at client location: we will require min 4 cards duplication services for the Best Price Guarantee to be in effect.
  • Our best price guarantee only applies for our standard RFID & Mifare chip & Indala Cards.
    • (90% of security systems use either the standard RFID 125khz or Mifare Chips).
  • Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply for iclass cards.
  • Please note the following conditions must be met:
    • The chip type (Frequency Range) has to be the same. For example:
      • a competitor’s HID Corporation RFID quote must be compared with our RFID price range.
      • a competitor’s standard RFID price ranged cannot be compared with our higher frequency chip price range like mifare..
      • However a competitor’s mifare price range can be compared with our mifare price range.
    • The competitor must be located in Singapore and be in Singapore Dollars.
    • The competitor’s price quote has to be for the same quantity of cards as ordered from us.
    • The competitor’s terms for the quoted price has to be the same as us.
      • For example, if the price quoted is for duplication at competitor’s location, it should be compared with any of our location duplication price and not for client’s on site duplication services.
      • However if the price quoted by our competitor’s is for duplication at client’s location, it can be compared with any of our company location duplication prices.
    • If any of the above terms are not clear, please feel free to contact us on 9106 7234 to speak to our customer service team.

If within 2 weeks from duplication date, you are able to find a cheaper price for the same card or keyfob type (same frequency), we will offer you the best price guarantee promise of beating our competitor price by 10%. Please advise the details of our competitor to us by email at and after verifying the information you provide, we will refund you the difference in price within 3 days. Please leave your contact details so that we can get in touch with you with regards to reimbursement of the price difference +  10%.

If you are able to advise us before coming down for duplication itself, we will do the verification beforehand so that you can enjoy the discounted price when you do your card duplication.

We’re so confident you’ll find the best price for your duplication on that we guarantee it. We provide best price guarantee and will beat our competitor’s price by 10% even if it results in a loss to us

Most of the time, duplication will take around 5 to 10 minutes. It will be done on the spot and customers are requested to wait for a few minutes for the card to be duplicated. This usually applies to standard rfid cards (125khz) and mifare card types. 80% of most cards are normally standard rfid cards (125khz).

For more complicated cards like iclass and indala, it might take longer depending on the complexity of the card. Please check with our staff directly for the time taken when you come down.

We have our main office at Owen Road. However sometimes we also work from home due to convenience. Therefore customers can come to our home locations to do their cloning of cards. This also allows us to pass on the rental savings to our customers so that we can price our duplication services more cheaply and also offers flexibility for our customers to get their duplication done at locations closer to them. As you can see from our facebook reviews, we are a trusted company and have been doing these duplication services for a very long time. We offer 2 weeks money back guarantee (no questions asked – complete refund or replacement) and 6 months warranty.

Do make appointment (At least 20 minutes before coming down) if you are going down to any of our locations (including our main office at owen road) so that we can ensure someone will be around to assist you with the duplication.  We also provide at site duplication services where customers are able to test their cards immediately.



Arts of Maya
122 Owen Road, #01-03,
Suites @ Owen,
Singapore 218926

Opening Hours

9am to 10pm
Please make appt before coming as we sometimes work from our other home locations or may be out on other onsite duplication appts.



Blk 9 St George’s Road
Singapore 320009
Please contact 9008 4091

Opening Hours
9am to 10pm
Please make appt with 9008 4091 before coming as we sometimes work from our other home locations or may be out on other onsite duplication appts.
Please call 9008 4091 once you reach. Please wait at the lift lobby next to the playground while waiting for us to come down.



Blk 224 Yishun St 21
Singapore 760224
Please contact 9106 7234

Opening Hours
9am to 10pm
Please make appt with 9106 7234 before coming as we sometimes work from our other home locations or may be out on other onsite duplication appts.
Please call 9106 7234 once you reach. Please wait at the lift lobby A while waiting for us to come down.



condo keyfobs

Customers can opt between keyfobs or different type of cards.  The cost of getting a keyfob in place of a card is the same.  Our keyfobs are very popular with customers due to their durability and the convenience of attaching their house keys to them. It is also more compact and light and can be easily carried on the pocket .

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